Oasis Ladies Coffee Club

As the ladies of the Church we know that every woman needs an oasis, a place of rest, relaxation and refreshing away from all our responsibilities.

Actually we believe that all you need to create an oasis is a good cup of coffee, unhurried time and a group of supportive friends.

So with that thought in mind, in the midst of our busy lives we create a women’s only oasis at Riverside Cafe.

This moment in time will be whatever you need it to be, so just come along and see where the conversations and the friendships lead!



Join us every Thursday for a time of inspiration, community, faith and fun.

All ladies welcome! 10am - 12pm.



If you love art and crafts and you also enjoy making friends then this group is for you. On Thursdays from noon until 2pm you get to create as you relate. Bring along your own creative endeavors to work on and spend the time chatting and befriending those around you. That is why we call it Creationships.


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