Riverside Gym started in late 2021 by Josh Sanders as a way of connecting vulnerable individuals to community.

The gym has expanded to having another qualified gym instructor, with multiple groups throughout the week. The fitness component runs for 30-60 minutes followed by small group discussion or mentoring. 

Riverside gym works with different age groups, different life situations and has an intergenerational approach to supporting people. 


Training varies from group to group, and person to person. Some individual clients work on strength, others balance, and the list goes on. For group sessions, there is a focus on everyone supporting each other - 'no comparisons'. 

Small Groups


Small groups are a great way for all of us to learn. When someone else shares similar experiences, it affirms something within ourselves.

We hear that other people struggle, other people have had hardship and other people know what it is like to go through the ups and downs of life. Small groups are not only an opportunity for individuals to learn from a collective group of people, it is also a place for people to have a voice and share their knowledge and skills. These groups also act as a place for accountability. These sessions challenge people to grow, while supporting each other on their journey.

One on One


Some of our clients have social anxiety, some have a disability, and others have suffered traumatic experiences. While we believe in the power of small groups, there are also clients who benefit from individual sessions. These sessions focus on fitness that matches the client’s goals and mentoring sessions that build the life skills and social skills for a flourishing life. 

Qualified Personal Trainers:

Josh Sanders

Christian McCann


Contact Details:

0468 394 569

17 Edith Street, Gawler East, SA 5118